Host virtual challenges that inspire your athletes

Host virtual challenges, motiviate and inspire your athletes, and boost engagement with your club or brand.

Virtual Challenges

It's time to engage your athletes virtually

Athletes are less willing to attend in-person events, and they are looking for more ways to compete and stay active. Now is the time to start hosting virtual challenges.

Bring your own tracker

Proquo is compatible with the major activity tracking apps and wearables. Athletes can sign up, connect their tracker, and engage with your challenges immediately.

Launch custom virtual challenges

Keep your athletes active and on their toes with fitness challenges that spur healthy competition.

  • Public or private challenges

    Design your virtual challenge to match your needs – create public, private, or semi-private challenges.

  • Single or multi-task challenges

    Get creative with your challenges and motivate your athletes – create single or multi-task fitness challenges.

  • Flexible task measurement

    Measure individual challenge tasks in a multitude of ways – distance, duration, steps, reps, calories, you name it!

May 1 – May 31, 2020

The Running Cycle

The Cycle is the ultimate test of endurance! Run a 10k, half-marathon, and full marathon.

+2.4k athletes

Sync with activity trackers

Allow your athletes to use their existing activity tracker apps and wearables to record their challenge results.

  • Automatic activty syncing

    When athletes connect with an activity tracker their challenge results will automatically get recorded.

  • Verified challenge results

    Increase the credibility of your challenges and drive competition when you have real activity data from verified tracking apps.

  • Filterable leaderboards

    Let athletes view their rank by age and gender to see where they stand amongst their peers.

Compatible with MapMyFitness

Get a jump start by connecting your existing account!

Athletes are looking for virtual alternatives

Due to Covid-19, the willingness of athletes to attend in-person events has fallen drastically. Virtual challenges are more important now than ever before.

of athletes now prefer virtual events
increase in 'virtual race' searches

Foster competition with leaderboards

Drive competition and engage your athletes with real-time leaderboards for your virtual challenges.

  • Real-time leaderboards

    Keep athletes on their toes and engaged throughout the entire challenge with real-time leaderboards.

  • Virtual medals

    Increase athlete retention by awarding medals based on rank and completion of challenges. Who has the biggest trophy case?

  • Rank notifications

    Send automatic notifications to athletes when their rank changes within a challenge.

Athlete Verified
Bernard Smith 00:17:34
Judy Klein 00:18:05
Rick Meyer 00:18:46
Lana West 00:19:12

Foster that feeling of team pride

Enable your athletes to form teams and accomplish their fitness goals together.

  • Flexible team structure

    Use teams to represent anything you like – fundraising groups, workplace departments, actual teams, you name it!

  • Team profiles

    Share and promote team profiles to show off accomplishments and attract new teammates.

  • Teammate encouragement

    Enable athletes to like and comment on the activities and results of other teammates to encourage them.

Team Power Striders

You've been invited to this team! Join your teammates to compete in challenges and reach your fitness goals.

A full-suite of tools to help you go virtual

From registration to reporting, we've got you covered. Let the Proquo platform help you run successfull virtual challenges.

Virtual Challenge Management

Manage custom virtual challenges with ease

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Activity Tracking

Connect and sync with popular activity tracking apps

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Live Leaderboards

Drive competition with live challenge leaderboards

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