ProQuo Online Privacy Statement

Last revised: July 19, 2019

This Online Privacy Statement ("Statement") applies to current version of the ProQuo website and application, available at ("Website"). This Statement describes how The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company ("We", "Us", "Our", or "Northwestern Mutual"), which owns, operates and maintains the Website, accesses, collects, shares and uses personal information collected on the Website.

We gather information that helps Us protect Website users, maintain the security of Our Website and apps, and for the purposes described below.

This Website and the information contained in it is intended for United States residents only. By using the Website and Our services, and by entering information into the Website, a User agrees that Northwestern Mutual will comply with applicable US privacy regulations and that Northwestern Mutual can use your personal data in accordance with its this Online Privacy Statement.

Collection of Information

The Website gathers two types of information about people who visit Our Website ("Users"):

  1. Voluntary User Information: information and data a User provides voluntarily and knowingly; and
  2. Automatically Collected Information: tracking information, including (but not limited to) IP address and home server information.

Northwestern Mutual will not release any personal User information collected on this Website without a User's permission, except as described in this Statement or as permitted or required by law. This Website does not enable unaffiliated third parties to collect personally identifiable information about an individual consumer's online activities over time and across different websites when a consumer visits this Website.

Voluntary User Information

We generally collect information a User provides voluntarily and knowingly for a specific purpose. Information a User submits will be routed in an unencrypted format to Northwestern Mutual for purposes of providing the service, sending information to the User, or as otherwise designated at the time of submittal. Northwestern Mutual uses information for the purpose it was submitted by the User, and shares the User-submitted information with Northwestern Mutual's direct and indirect subsidiaries and third parties only to the extent necessary to service the User's request, provide assistance to the User, or as described herein or otherwise permitted or required by law. This information will not be shared with any other party without the User's consent.

Automatically Collected Information

We collect information automatically from Our Website through a variety of technologies, including: (a) cookies/web beacons; and (b) third party applications. We also may link to third party services and websites, and We are not responsible for the website content or privacy practices of such third parties.

This Website does not contain any functionality to respond to or honor Web browser "do not track" signals or other similar mechanisms, and thus does not respond to or honor such signals or mechanisms. Most web browser preferences can be adjusted to alert a User that a cookie or tracking code will be sent to a User's hard drive, or a User can refuse to receive a cookie.

Cookies and Web Beacons

The Website uses various storage technologies related to online marketing tools, such as managing Our advertising on other Internet websites. In connection with such activities, this Website collects or receives information including (but not limited to) the IP address, device type, date and time of visit,browser type, and activities of a User and the above information is collected or received by or shared with third party vendors who assist Us with these activities.

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to a browser when a User accesses the Website. The Website does not require a User to use cookies, but it is possible that certain services may not function properly if a User chooses to refuse to receive a cookie. We use session cookies to ensure better performance and a more enjoyable and consistent User experience from a User's entry point into the Website. The session cookie is available only during the course of the browser session; the information is not sent to or stored on a computer's hard drive. Closing the browser or logging off will invalidate the session cookie. We also use machine cookies, which do remain on a computer hard drive, to gather aggregated, non-identifiable website statistics through the website analytic services. No personal information is collected using this technology.

We also contract with third-parties to distribute communications on Our behalf, perform analytics, and to deliver online advertisements on Our Website, on other websites and on other applications. Those companies may use third-party cookies, or other devices such as website scripting, pixels or action tags to collect anonymous information about a User when the User visits Our Website. We use this information to learn which online advertisements attracted a User, and to help Us analyze Our website and the effectiveness of Our marketing.

Tracking Information

To enable Us to continually improve on the content We offer Our Users, as well as for systems administration purposes, We capture IP addresses and track a User's activity on the Website.

To assist Us in this process, this Website uses third party website analytic services that use cookies and web beacons to collect various information regarding visitors' use of this Website, including daily unique visitors, page views, length of time of page views, page navigation paths, time of day of visits,browser type used by visitors, the Internet Service Provider used to connect to the Internet and this Website, and the type of operating system used by visitors.

We also use third party services to track information about the performance of Our Website. The services collect aggregated data from visits to the Website to help troubleshoot any problems with performance, such as errors in Java Script code or page load times. We use this information to optimize a User's experience with the Website. The collected data does not contain personally identifiable information and the collected data is not linked to any personally identifiable information.

Google Maps is a third-party service We use to validate and normalize addresses entered by Users into the Website through an Application Program Interface, a technology that connects Google to Our Website and allows the limited exchange of information. This information is used and retained by Us only for the purpose a User enters the information, which may include combination with other identifying factors a User enters into the Website to fulfill a User's request to be connected with a financial representative in the User's geographical area. By entering a physical address into the Website, a User agrees to be bound by the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy. We do not obtain or cache a User's location in any manner except with the User's prior consent, and a User may revoke the User's consent at any time.

In addition, We partner with other third parties, including third party advertising networks and social media websites, to manage Our advertising on other Internet websites. Our third-party partners may use cookies, Web beacons, JavaScript tags, and other storage technologies to collect or receive information about an IP address, device type, date and time of visit, browser type, and a User's activities on this website or elsewhere on the Internet and use such information to provide measurement services and targeted advertising. The use of a User's information by such third parties is governed by each third party's privacy policy. Please note that a User exercising the right to opt-out in connection with one third party partner of ours will discontinue that User's receipt of Our targeted ads through that third-party partner only but will not discontinue receipt of Our targeted ads through other third-party partners and will not terminate the use of cookies, Web beacons, JavaScript tags, and other storage technologies by Our third-party partners to collect or receive information described above. Further, exercising the right to opt-out will not opt a User out of being served advertising; generic ads will still be displayed.


This Online Privacy Statement applies solely to the Website. This website may contain links from this Website to other Internet websites. Northwestern Mutual is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these other websites, and these links do not imply an affiliation between Northwestern Mutual and the website owner, or any endorsement, approval or verification of any content contained on other websites. The online privacy statement of any other Internet website governs information about the handling of personal information by that website.

The Website may also contain links to the ProQuo pages on several third party social media websites and additional links to third party websites. When a User clicks on any such links, the third-party website may send a session cookie or a persistent cookie to the User's computer. Please review the online privacy statements of such third-party websites for information regarding the online privacy practices of such websites.

Changes and Revisions

We reserve the right to amend this Statement from time to time. Any material change to Our online privacy practices will be reflected in this Online Privacy Statement. We will indicate the date this Statement was last updated. A User's continued use of the Website constitutes acceptance of any updated terms.

For More Information

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