Host challenges that are more than "just for fun"

Athletes can connect with activity tracking apps to automatically record and verify their virtual challenge results.

Virtual Challenge Activity Tracking

We're taking virtual challenges to the next level

Without verified activity data from trusted tracking apps and wearables virtual challenges are just for fun.

Bring your own tracker

Proquo is compatible with the major activity tracking apps and wearables. Athletes can sign up, connect their tracker, and engage with your challenges immediately.

Simplify collecting challenge results

When athletes connect with an activity tracker their challenge results will automatically get recorded.

  • Automatic activity syncing

    Pull results from activity tracking apps without your athletes having to manually do anything.

  • Multiple connected devices

    Enable athletes to connect more than one activity tracking app at a time and select results from an array of sources.

  • Manual result entry

    Allow athletes without activity trackers to participate. They can always enter their results manually.

Compatible with MapMyFitness

Get a jump start by connecting your existing account!

Step-up your competition

Increase the credibility of your challenges and drive competition when you have real activity data from verified tracking apps.

  • Verified challenge results

    Verify results with our proprietary and proven smart verification engine.

  • Athlete trusted challenges

    Instill credibility in your challenges through verified results from activity tracking apps.

  • Filterable leaderboards

    Let athletes view their rank by age and gender to see where they stand amongst their peers.

Athlete Verified
Bernard Smith 00:17:34
Judy Klein 00:18:05
Rick Meyer 00:18:46
Lana West 00:19:12

A full-suite of tools to help you go virtual

From registration to reporting, we've got you covered. Let the Proquo platform help you run successfull virtual challenges.

Virtual Challenge Management

Manage custom virtual challenges with ease

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Live Leaderboards

Drive competition with live challenge leaderboards

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Registration Fees & Donations

Collect registration fees and donations

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